Monday 26 June 2017

Cheltenham Showcase Meeting Tips and Facts

The Showcase Meeting is the very first race that opens the National Hunt season at the Cheltenham Festival racecourse. It will begin the 27th and 28th of October 2017 and will continue all the way till 2018 before the season ends.

The meeting is one of the most popular in the season with tickets on sale as early as June of 2017. The pot last season was at target of £296,000 spread across 14 races, with two £50,000 handicap chases on the climax of the event during the Saturday. This is a race loved by traditional punters and handicappers that wish to see who the new stars of the season will be and what names to keep track on for the big events throughout the season.

This meeting is usually considered a warm up of future champs aiming to major events, especially for the followings month BetVictor Gold Cup.

As a piece of data to keep in mind: The Outback Way (1999), Shooting Light (2001) and Johns Spirit (2013) were all horses that won both races. So keep your eyes open for a promising champ, be it a selection for BetVictor race or the Meeting.

This is the perfect opportunity to spot a rising star at the very first race of the season.

The season will come to an end in March 2018 with the climax of all races during the Cheltenham Festival. The Festival ranks second in prize pot money just to the Grand National, an event were the best of British and Irish trained horses compete against each other. The meeting coincides with St. Patrick’s Day and is very popular with the Irish fans.

Bet on the Cheltenham Showcase Meeting
Cheltenham stands as one of the most popular racecourses to bet on, horse race betting online is more easier than it ever was. By placing a simple bet online bettors can benefit from huge bonus offers and free bets.

Buy Your Ticket
For those planning on attending the event tickets are ready for purchase on the official sales stations and online. Secure your preferred spot on this event that lacks the popularity of the Cheltenham Festival and Royal Ascot, but not less fun and far more comfortable for traditional fans of horseracing.

Seats and Packages Available

The Best Mate Enclosure
Ticket Prices: £9 - £19 - Friday and Saturday

It has a great view of the race track from the opposite side of the finish line, so attendees get to witness the final sprint and decisive jumps. The atmosphere is like nothing that you have witnesses before. Includes nearby betting shops, close to the track stands and live band entertainment.

Tattersalls Enclosure

Ticket Prices: £22 - £42 - Friday and Saturday
Be in a more secluded and high point area with extensive viewing steps, a betting hall and access to bars and buffets. The enclosure also has access to the Centaur, paddock and unsaddling enclosure. If you wish to have a full dining experience the location has direct access to the Gold Cup Restaurant.

The hall betting ring includes enough betting shops to place bets.

Restaurant Packages
Ticket Prices: £90 to £190 - Friday and Saturday

Enjoy of a more VIP and private seating location inside the luxurious restaurant overseeing the Cheltenham winning post directly from your dining table. Restaurant packages come on groups and attendees can select their location. The race can also be enjoyed through live televion broadcasts and table bookies will take care of your personal bet selections.

Experience the best dining you will ever have with Albert Roux in 'Chez Roux' at the Cheltenham racecourse.

Thursday 15 June 2017

Gold Cup Memory Lane

It's certainly a good while until the 2018 Cheltenham Festival, but it's such a rich event there is often something to talk about, either with reference to future events or write ups on the rich history of the event. That's a view echoed by many others I'd say, as I've just now been reading a year by year summary of the Gold Cup on the Cheltenham Focus Blog.

It really does bring back countless memories to think back to some of the classic Cheltenham Gold Cup races and wins over the years. It's no doubt the combination of the best of the best, in terms of horses, jockeys and trainers all competing for this prestigious prize that makes it unmissable for many racing fans.

Let us not forget how rooted in history this race is - the first Gold Cup was held way back in July 1819. Highlights of this grade one steeplechase for me over the years include the amazing 'triple' that was Best Mate's wins in 2002, 2003 and 2004, while being ridden by Jim Culloty and the impressive 2015 win by novice Coneygree - the first time in over four decades that a novice had won the race. Let's hope the 2018 race is one of the classics too, time will tell!